DoD Congressional Budget Data website


The DoD Congressional Budget Data Web site provides detailed search and analysis capabilities across the military departments and agencies for Research Development Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) data. DTIC makes PDF and Excel spreadsheet versions of the Congressional Budget reports available shortly after they are posted on CONGRESS.GOV (formerly Thomas) website.


Disclaimer: The Congressional budget data contained on this site is based on the authoritative information found on CONGRESS.GOV (formerly Thomas), the Library of Congress website. DTIC scans the Congressional budget data and converts the information into Excel spreadsheets, which are easier to manipulate. The converted data is reviewed by DTIC to ensure accuracy; however some conversion errors can be overlooked. The scanning process is approximately 95% accurate. You can view the authoritative Congressional budget data on CONGRESS.GOV.


For more detailed search and analysis capabilities, use DTIC's access controlled R&E Gateway to search the Congressional Budget Queries.