About the Thesaurus

The Thesaurus provides a broad, multidisciplinary subject-term vocabulary that aids in information search and retrieval. Subject terms, called Descriptors, are organized into hierarchies, where series of narrower terms are linked to broader terms. After performing a Thesaurus search, a user can insert a Descriptor directly into the Technical Reports Guided Search page.

Subject Categories

Terms of Use

  • The DTIC Thesaurus is not copyrighted. No license is needed to use it.
  • DTIC assumes no responsibility for any party's use or the results of such use of the DTIC thesaurus.
  • Identify DTIC as the originator of the thesaurus, especially if disseminating a modified version of the original.
  • The download does not guarantee your receipt of future updates.

If you have any questions or need assistance downloading this product, contact: dtic.belvoir.ecm.mbx.sources@mail.mil

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