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DoD and ODNI/IARPA's Implementation of Public Access

The PubDefense: Public Access search interface (click blue button) contains an initial collection of DoD- and ODNI/IARPA-funded published journal articles and accepted manuscripts. Additional metadata, full-text, and links to documents will be added as they are submitted to DTIC. Access to the full-text of items in this collection will be available after a maximum embargo of 12-months.



The additional search below is provided to aid in the discovery of journal articles that are already part of the DTIC Technical Reports collection.

Enter a term to search the DTIC TR collection of journal articles:


Benefits to DoD
  • Increase access to government-wide scholarly publications and scientific data, cost savings to DoD libraries
  • Increase visibility of DoD research priorities
  • Expand innovation through a better understanding of our taxpayer funded research
  • Bolster the credibility of DoD-funded scientific findings

We welcome your input on additional articles to be added to the DoD collection.

Additional Information:

For more information contact DTIC Public Access