The Joint Forces Staff College Ike Skelton Library is a specialized military library, focusing on research in joint and multinational operations, military history and naval science, operational warfare, and operations other than war. Library staff members regularly scan the weekly news magazines, monthly and bimonthly journals such as Military Review, Armed Forces Journal, and quarterly publications, including NATO's Nations and Partners for Peace, RUSI Journal, and the Naval War College Review. Miscellaneous reports from RAND and the General Accounting Office are also indexed for SCAMPI. The resulting database serves as a guide to articles on military and naval art and science, operational warfare, joint planning, national and international politics, and other areas researched by JFSC faculty, staff, and students. The SCAMPI database covers the period from 1985 thru the present.

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) hosts this web-based version of the SCAMPI. Several of the journals indexed in SCAMPI have independent Internet web sites. Please feel free to visit the individual journal home pages to see exactly what each publication makes available since many do provide full-text articles.

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