The SCAMPI search page is designed to assist you in locating significant articles, news items, and editorials appearing in military and aeronautical periodicals, and offers many features to achieve this goal. This site is updated quarterly. These instructions contain information and advice on using this utility to perform simple and complex queries as well as on browsing features.

Searching SCAMPI

The search page itself is divided into two parts to give you two different ways to search for citations. The top part is the SCAMPI Simple Search which allows you to perform simple searches across all fields of a citation.

The bottom part is the SCAMPI Advanced Search which allows you to perform complex searches by providing a number of options from which to search for words. Either way you choose, you will be searching the same data.

Search Tips:

Listed below are searching tips that you may find helpful during your search:

Search Tips Example
Put phrases in quotes "Base Realignment"
Try complete sentences What is the DoD policy on sexual harassment?
Use AND for required words paintless AND aircraft
Use + for required words +paintless +aircraft
Use - to
exclude words
MIA -Vietnam

Finding One or More Terms

To find one or more terms, type them in the search box.

personnel finds results that contain the word "personnel"

cargo carrier
finds results that contain the word "cargo" OR the word "carrier"

Finding Phrases

To find a phrase, or terms adjacent to each other, enclose them in quotes in the search box.

"cargo carrier"
finds results that contain the phrase "cargo carrier"

NOTE: If you search for cargo carrier without the quotes, you get results that contain "cargo" OR "carrier."

Requiring Words

To require terms to be included in search results, type a plus sign (+) before them.

+cargo +carrier
finds results that contain both "cargo" AND "carrier"

Excluding Words

To exclude terms from search results, type a minus sign (-) before them.

"troop carrier" -ship
finds results that contain the phrase "troop carrier" but NOT the word "ship"

Singular and Plural

To search both singular and plural versions of a term, type either the singular term in the search box.

finds results that contain the term "bullet" or the term "bullets"

finds results that contain the term "bullet" or the term "bullets"


Search terms in lower or UPPER case match words in any case.

finds results that contain the words "TANKS," "tanks," "Tanks," "TANK," "tank," etc.

finds results that contain the words "TANKS," "tanks," "Tanks," "TANK," "tank," etc.

finds results that contain the words "TANKS," "tanks," "Tanks," "TANK," "tank," etc.

finds results that contain the words "TANKS," "tanks," "Tanks," "TANK," "tank," etc.


Case: By default, Verity is not case sensitive.

Citations: Clicking on the citation title from the initial search results will give you access to the full citation. Clicking on the Author, Source, or Subject on the full citation will return a list all citations with that specific Author, Source, or Subject.

Phrases: The search engine will treat search terms that are not separated by an operator as a phrase, for example:

A search for diesel engines will only return documents that have these two words together as a phrase. Even if a document has these two words in it somewhere, it will not return the document if they are not together as a phrase.

Personal Author: Searching on this field is helpful if you know the name of an author who writes on subjects in which you are interested. Enter the author's last name, followed by a comma, then the first name and enclose the phrase in quotation marks. You can also enter the first letter of the author's first name followed by a period and enclosed in quotation marks if sometimes only an initial is used. Combining the two phrases in one search will locate all of the author's works, for example:

"Greene, Kurt" or "Greene, K." If only the author's last name is known, simply type in the name. CAUTION: Common last names will retrieve numerous hits.

Search Engine: The SCAMPI collection utilizes a Verity search engine. In addition to the general search guidance on this page, you can also download and print the Verity Query Language Quick Reference Guide in PDF format.

Stemming: Note that ALL search terms will be stemmed unless surrounded by double quotes (" "). Stemming expands your search to all linguistic variations of the word, for example:

A search for radar will get hits for radar and radars. Unfortunately you could also get hits for nonsense words such as radaring and radared!!! Note that it is unlikely that you will get hits for such nonsense words because they shouldn't exist in the document collection.

A search for "radar" (note the double quotes) will only yield hits for radar exactly. This search term will not be stemmed.

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