DTIC Form 55 Instructions for Release of Limited Document

The DTIC Form 55 provides DTIC Users a process to request a document that falls outside of their distribution limitations. Form 55 requests require review and approval for release by the document's Release Authority (typically the originating agency). DTIC is not the Release Authority for any document within its collection. You must be a registered user to use this Form 55 process.

How to Submit a Form 55 Request

  • 1. Use the electronic version of the automated Limited Document Request (Form 55) at https://support.dtic.mil/request55/form55.html.
  • 2. Each request must be completed on a separate Form 55.
  • 3. User Routing block is optional; for your organization's internal control purposes only.
  • 4. To help expedite your request, provide a detailed explanation of your need for the document. Include appropriate contract information and explain need-to-know in Section III.
  • 5. For assistance, contact DTIC at 703-767-8273 or DSN 427-8273 Option 2 or email: dtic.belvoir.us.mbx.dticform55@mail.mil.

Note: Hard copies of the Form 55 Request are no longer be accepted.