Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs)

DTIC provides scientific and technical information products and services to
Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs), not otherwise released to contractors, including sensitive information, except that prohibited by statute or regulation:

  • Proprietary Information - Not owned by the U.S. Government and marked with a statement of a legal property right.

  • Contractor Performance Information - Contained in management reviews, records of contract performance evaluation, or other advisory documents evaluating programs of contractors.

  • Software Ownership Rights - Releasable only in accordance with software license.


FFRDCs provide the Department of Defense (DoD) with unique analytical, engineering, and research capabilities. They are contractor entities; not U.S. Government corporations, and their staff members are not considered government employees. FFRDCs hold a special status because by contractual agreement they do not: make a profit, compete for federal work, work for commercial clients, or manufacture products.


FFRDCs can receive DoD-only or Government-only documents, which they cannot get automatically on secondary distribution, by informing their COTR or government project lead of their need for the information. The government project lead can order the document for them, after confirming that it will not cause a competitive advantage.


FFRDCs can receive DoD documents via primary distribution by negotiating with the Controlling Agency.


For technical reports or IAC documents, the FFRDCs must contact DTIC for access to Distribution E (DoD only) and those Distribution B (Government-only) documents controlled by reason of Proprietary Information, Contractor Performance Evaluation and Software Documentation.


Phone: (703) 767-9459


Email: dtic.belvoir.us.mbx.dtic-access@mail.mil


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