Registration Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs"


Reporting Changes to Your Account Information:



How do I update my contact information (address or telephone number)?



Note: CAC Holders who want to update their contact information are required to use their CAC instead of entering their DTIC login ID and password.


How do I change my last name?



How do I reset my password?



When will my password expire?


  • All DTIC passwords expire every 60 days.
  • Non-CAC holders receive password expiration notices in advance.
  • CAC holders do not receive password expiration notices in advance because the use of passwords is optional for CAC holders.
  • If further assistance is needed, please contact DTIC's Customer Access Team via email at or via phone at 703-767-8273, DSN 427-8273 or 800-225-3842 (selection 2).


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Contractors & Contracts


How many contracts does my organization have registered with DTIC?



My contract is classified as Secret. Why can't I order classified documents?


  • Your level of access to DTIC's information and services is dependent on the level of access specified in your registration profile.
  • For more information regarding your access levels, contact DTIC's Customer Access Team by phone at 703-767-8273, DSN 427-8273 or 800-225-3842 (selection 2) or email at


I have multiple contracts, which contract number should I use to register?


  • You should register either your contract with the highest level of access or your longest running contract.


NOTE: If you are a CAC holder, you will only need to register your contract number if you are requesting classified access.


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Is there a fee to register with DTIC?


  • DTIC registration is free.

Does DTIC charge for its products and services?


  • No.


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DD Form 2345 – Military Critical Technical Data Agreement


When is a new DD Form 2345 needed?


  • A revised DD Form 2345 must be submitted to Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) every 5 years or if the information (point of contact, company name, address) on the DD Form 2345 changes.
  • Contractors must submit a DD Form 2345 to DLIS, to access export control documents found in DTIC's collection.


I have a DD Form 2345 and was told that I could not order from DTIC. Why not?


  • Certification for export controlled information,through DLIS, does not equate with DTIC registration. You must register using the Web-based application.


Is it necessary for Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) to approve the DD Form 2345?


  • Yes, it is necessary. DTIC cannot grant you access to export controlled data unless your DD Form 2345 is approved by DLIS.

I sent my DD2345 form to DLIS. What is the status of my request?


  • Contact DLIS at 800-352-3572 to check the status of your request. DTIC has no control over the DLIS approval process. Upon approval, DLIS will send you the form with your certification number.


What do I do with my DD Form 2345 now that it is signed?



What if I want to add export control but I am not the owner of the DD Form 2345?


  • The owner of the DD Form 2345 must grant permission for you to use their export control certificate. When granting permission, the owner must include the name of the person receiving the permission, the export control certificate number and expiration date. Permission can be sent to the DTIC Customer Access Team via email to or fax to 703-767-9459 or DSN 427-9459. Faxed permission must be on official business letterhead.


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Limited Document Request (DTIC Form 55)


How do I submit a Limited Document request (Form 55) to DTIC?


  • Submit your request using DTIC's Web-based Form 55 process.


When should a Federally Funded Research & Development Center (FFRDC) user submit a DTIC Form 55 to DTIC?


  • Submit a Form 55 request if the distribution limitation code is 03 or higher and the distribution statement contains the following restrictions:
        –  proprietary data
        –  contractor performance evaluations
        –  software ownership rights
        –  IR&D and DoD only


Why do I have to wait for the limited distribution document I requested on a DTIC Form 55?


  • Your request for a limited distribution document must be approved by the document’s releasing agency. Releasing agencies have 180 days to respond to requests. Some respond more quickly than others. The Limited Document and Customer Access Team will process the request upon receiving approval from the releasing agency.


What happens if DTIC does not receive a response from the releasing agency to the DTIC Form 55 request within the 180 days?


  • The request is cancelled by the Limited Document and Customer Access Team. The requester is notified of the cancellation.


What do I do if my request is cancelled or is returned to me?


  • You must resubmit your request using DTIC's Web-based Form 55 process.


Who do I contact if I have more questions?


  • The Limited Document and Customer Access Team can help you:
        – By email:
        – By phone: 703-767-8273, DSN 427-8273 or 800-225-3842 (selection 2)


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How can I register with DTIC?


  • Register using the Web-based application.

Am I registered with DTIC?


Why do I have to register with DTIC in order to get a document?

  • Due to the nature of the information in our collection, DTIC is mandated to serve a restricted user community. Register Now.

How can I obtain documents from the DTIC collection if I am not eligible to register with DTIC?

  • Some of the unclassified, unlimited (U2) Public Release data in the collection is available through DTIC's Online Public service; otherwise, visit the National Technical Information Service Web site.

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DTIC login ID


What is my DTIC login?

  • Your DTIC login ID consists of your last name, first initial and four numbers assigned to you when your DTIC application was approved (e.g., doej1234) and can be used in combination with your password to access DTIC's products and services.


Where can I find my DTIC login ID?


  • Your DTIC login ID was sent to you via email when your DTIC application was approved. If you need assistance in locating your DTIC login ID, contact the DTIC Customer Access Team by phone at 703-767-8273, DSN 427-8273 or 800-225-3842 (selection 2) or send an email to


When will I receive my DTIC login ID? I completed the registration application several weeks ago and I have not heard from DTIC yet.


  • After submitting your application to DTIC, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your application has been received. If you have not received that confirmation email, your application may not have been submitted properly.


  • If you requested access to information that is classified, DTIC may be waiting on the approval of your government sponsor and security officer.


  • If you have questions concerning the status of your application, contact DTIC's Customer Access Team by phone at 703-767-8273, DSN 427-8273 or 800-225-3842 (selection 2) or send an email to


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