Update User Information: Contractors


Modifications to Email Addresses:


Modifications to Employment Status:


Contact Information Changes:


NOTE: If you have classified access at DTIC and you want to change your company name, address or telephone number, please notify Defense Security Service (DSS) of these changes before updating your DTIC Registration profile.


NOTE: If you have access to export-controlled data and you have changes regarding your company name, custodian's name or address, please send a revised DD Form 2345 to the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) for recertification. Once you receive an updated certified copy from DLIS, please send a copy to DTIC's Customer Access Team with your profile update request.


NOTE: CAC holders who want to update their contact information are required to use their CAC instead of entering their DTIC login ID and password.


Password Changes:

  • Online at: https://reg.dtic.mil/UpdateProfile/Password
  • CAC holders are required to use their CAC to change their password.
  • All DTIC passwords expire every 60 days.
  • Non-CAC holders receive password expiration notices in advance.
  • CAC holders do not receive password expiration notices in advance because the use of passwords is optional for CAC holders.


Upgrade your Access Level:


Update or Change Contract on your Account:


NOTE: If GAOs are CAC holders, they must digitally sign this email request.