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The Journal of DoD Research & Engineering (JDR&E) publishes innovative articles that have the highest current and potential impacts on the warfighter’s mission. The JDR&E is a semiannual, peer-reviewed journal of classified and controlled unclassified (C/CU) scientific and technical research conducted across DoD laboratories and warfare centers. The JDR&E’s mission is to be the leading publisher of cutting-edge, C/CU research for the Research and Engineering (R&E) Communities of Interest.

The JDR&E’s key functions are to:

  • Increase opportunities for the Department’s researchers and scientists in the labs and warfare centers across the Nation to gain peer-reviewed status for their work

  • Provide a secure platform to increase the sharing of C/CU research

  • Promote multi-agency collaboration in cross-cutting R&E and serve as a pipeline for DoD breakthroughs

The journal provides a structured and secure venue for researchers and engineers working on C/CU projects to publish discoveries and gain peer recognition for their work. The journal welcomes submissions from all areas and will protect all sensitive information. Select unclassified publications are available in print, while classified publications are available online.

The JDR&E is sponsored by the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering and managed by the Defense Technical Information Center.

For more information on article submissions and the peer-review process, please visit https://go.usa.gov/xnAWt.

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