DoD Scientific and Technical Information (STINFO) Manager Program


The DoD Scientific and Technical Information (STINFO) Manager Training Program was developed to teach STINFO managers how to carry out the responsibilities of the DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP).


The STIP was established to:

  • improve and enhance the acquisition of data sources
  • prevent redundant research
  • disseminate technical information efficiently
  • prevent the loss of technical information to U.S. adversaries and competitors
  • aid the transfer of technical information to qualified researchers in U.S. industry and government agencies.


The governing regulations for the DoD STIP are:



Dissemination of accurate, complete and timely STINFO is the major impetus that drives the DoD STIP. DoD components appoint managers to oversee STINFO programs at the local level. This manager ensures that every appropriate defense research and engineering effort is reported under the Research Awareness Initiative (RAI), and that technical publications generated from efforts are properly disseminated.


STINFO Course Descriptions