Directions to DTIC

DTIC is located in the Andrew T. McNamara Headquarters Complex (HQC) at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
8725 John J. Kingman Road
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6218


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Security: The HQC is no longer an open base. Access is influenced by security requirements that may alter access procedures. All visitors must use the Main Gate (Gate 1) located on John J. Kingman Road to verify his/her visit to DTIC.

Be prepared to show a picture I.D. The security guards will direct you to the parking area available for visitors. Please note that parking is not allowed in any numbered space.

Be advised that due to changing security conditions visitors could encounter long walking distances to the area where DTIC is located.

All visitors must enter the HQC through the main lobby located in the center of the building, marked by flagpoles. Upon entry into the building, check in at the guard station and you will be met by your DTIC point of contact.

Please note: There are no hotels or motels within walking distance of the HQC and there is limited access to restaurants and shopping centers. A full service cafeteria (available for breakfast and lunch) is located in the HQC.

For more information on entry to Fort Belvoir, please visit the Fort Belvoir Website (link to Getting to DTIC by car is the most convenient mode of travel, but there is limited public transportation available: Metrobus route 9A (Richmond Highway line) provides service to the HQC and runs between the Pentagon Metro station and the Lorton Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station.


Helpful Telephone Numbers

Metro bus / Metrorail: 202-637-7000
VRE information: 703-684-1001
Virginia Railway Express: 703-684-1001
The Fairfax Connector: 703-339-7200

Fort Belvoir Public Affairs: 202-637-7000
HQC Security: 703-767-4011/4012
Fort Belvoir Military Police: 703-806-3104
Vehicle Registration: 703-806-4891