DoD Biomedical Research Data:

TITLE :Effect of Bacterial CpG on Protective Immunity Against Brucellosis (UBHGF)
Research Category :M4: Medical Biological Defense
Fiscal Year :2000
Funding :113,544
Responsible Organization :Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Primary Contact :See Responsible Organization Information
City :Washington
State :DC
Zipcode :20306-6000
OBJECTIVE :Scientists have recently discovered that injection of small pieces of nuceic acid (CpG ODN) into mice can protect them against exposure to infectious disease. This protocol will test whether CpG ODN injections in healthy mice can protect them against exposure to Brucella bacteria.
Approach :The protocol will consist of a series of five experiments as follows: 1) Determine an optimal challenge dose of B melitensis 16M to test efficacy of CpG ODN, 2) Compare the anti-brucella activity of the intensity of CpG ODN1585, 1826, and 2006, 3) Determine the ability of repeated doses of CpG ODN to protect against intranasal challenge with virulent 16M, 4) Determine if oral administration of CpG ODN protects mice against intranasal challenge with 16M, and 5) Determine if adminisgtratoion of CpG ODN after expossure to 16M prevents or reduces the intensity of infection in WR201 immune mice.
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Research was conducted in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and other Federal statutes and regulations relating to the use of animals in research and was reviewed and approved by the Institute's Animal Care and Use Committee.