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DTIC 2012 Conference

Connecting Lab Research with the Warfighter

March 26-30, 2012
McNamara Headquarters
Complex, Ft. Belvoir, VA
and Virtually Using Defense Connect Online (DCO)

March 26 Pre-Conference ~ March 27-28 On-site & Virtual Conference ~ March 29-30 Hands-on Training

Agenda: Updated as of 4/3/2012
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Registration for On-site Attendees
Meet & Greet DTIC Personnel

Logon checks for Defense Connect Online (DCO) Virtual Attendees

User Council Voting Begins at the DTIC Booth
Mr. Christopher E. Thomas,
Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)

Keynote Address
The Honorable Zachary J. Lemnios, Assistant Secretary of Defense
for Research and Engineering (ASD(R&E))
, Department of Defense


Plenary Session
DTIC 2012... And Beyond

Mr. Christopher E. Thomas, Administrator, DTIC

If you think you know DTIC, hang on. There are new tools, new initiatives, and modifications to current ways of doing business. Budget constraints require new methodologies and technologies. Innovation and collaboration are integral to science and technology, research and engineering. Get the latest on DTIC, the hub to the DoD R&E universe.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Hear about the plans for DTIC in the immediate future
  • Learn about factors controlling some DTIC support
  • Find out more about streamlined access

Keynote Address
Unified Research & Engineering Database (URED): Integrated Data Leads to Better Analysis
Dr. John W. Fischer, Director, Defense Laboratories Enterprise Office, ASD(R&E)

The new Unified Research and Engineering Database (URED) is streamlining, updating and modernizing R&E reporting in one collection tool across the Department of Defense (DoD). This integration of data calls for the Research Summaries database, the R&E Database, and the in-house S&T Activities Report (ISTAR) will enable more rapid and effective analysis across DoD and facilitate critical decision making regarding warfighter needs and technology investments. Our speaker explains the background leading to this improved reporting tool, the participating components and the features that will benefit your mission.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Learn about the components participating in the new Unified R&E Database (URED)
  • Understand the benefits of an integrated, Department-wide reporting tool for R&E activities

Keynote Address
Defense Innovation Marketplace & Independent Research & Development (IR&D)
Mr. Ronald Kurjanowicz, Senior Advisor, ASD(R&E)

Defense Innovation Marketplace is a new Web site aiming to increase communication on Research and Engineering(R&E) topics between DoD and Industry. It will provide information on DoD R&E goals and priorities to industry while providing DoD program offices, scientists, engineers, and OSD management with insight on industry R&E efforts. Initial data on the Defense Innovation Marketplace site is Independent Research and Development (IR&D) summaries. As part of the Better Buying Power initiative, the IR&D program is receiving more DoD emphasis, including a new DFARS clause making input of IR&D data mandatory for major DoD contractors. An innovative search interface will be available for the data in Spring 2012.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Learn about the new Defense Innovation Marketplace Web site
  • Learn about the renewed DoD interest in IR&D data and the recent DFARS clause making IR&D input mandatory for major DoD contractors

Lunch on your own in the Cafeteria
Meet & Greet DTIC Personnel

Plenary Session
Using DoDTechipedia for the Acquisitions Community
Ms. Marilyn Maginniss, Office of the Under Secretary
Acquisition Technology & Logistics /Acquisition Resources and Analysis (OUSD(AT&L/ARA))

The community manager from the Acquisitions Information Repository (AIR) will discuss how they are using DoDTechipedia to provide information on the Major Defense Acquisitions Program (MDAP).

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Help DoDTechipedia users and potential users learn about the ability to collaborate using the wiki
  • Learn about possible DoDTechipedia customization features
  • Help users understand high level permissions within DoDTechipedia


Plenary Session
ASD(R&E) Communities of Interest (CoI)
Mr. R. Paul Ryan, Special Assistant for S&T/Communities of Interest, OASD(R&E) Research Directorate

The DoD Communities of Interest (CoI) are a key part of the Reliance 21 and Science and Technology EXCOM construct. The basic intent of the CoI is to foster, facilitate, and streamline cooperation and coordination among DoD S&T scientists and engineers who are widely dispersed geographically and organizationally.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the challenge associated with coordinating collaboration and information sharing among S&T Scientists and Engineers
  • Learn how the ASD(R&E) CoI uses DoDTechipedia to foster collaboration within the DoD S&T community

Plenary Session
DoD's Information Analysis Centers (IACs)
Mr. Terry Heston, Program Manager, IACs, DTIC

DoD scientists and engineers simply do not have the time to sift through mountains of data to uncover essential information to address emerging requirements. This session will familiarize you with DoD IACs and show how they provide analysis, synthesis, and dissemination of relevant, timely knowledge and information.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Gain a top level understanding of the IAC mission and current work efforts, including Basic Centers of Operations and Technical Area Tasks
  • Obtain an overview of how the IACs continue to adapt to a changing environment, as they have over their 65-year history
Plenary Session
COCOM Support 2012
Mr. Mike Knollmann, Director, Joint Operations Support/OUSD(AT&L)

Mr. Kurt Kratz, Associate Director, Joint S&T Support/OUSD(AT&L)

This session includes information about the Department's priorities, the process of going from needs to solutions, and a discussion on Urgent, Emergent, and Deliberate requirements. Included is a discussion of the Joint Operations Support office's role in providing visibility of Joint Warfighter needs to solution providers, as well as, providing visibility of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System outputs to the acquisition enterprise.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Hear about the latest developments in providing solutions for Joint Warfighter needs
  • Learn more about the networks and tools being developed and used to support the COCOM capability requirements

Plenary Session
DTRIAC's Net-Centric Knowledge System: Vision for Tomorrow…Results Today
Mr. Javad Sedehi

Join us for a journey through DTRIAC-enabled information support 2012. Listen as our speaker describes their innovative STI Archival and Retrieval System (STARS), or strategic data preservation and knowledge management information system.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Learn about the innovation being applied to the DTRA mission of preserving data (reports/ documents, photographs, film, waveforms, tables, and diagrams) and the knowledge of the many experts in a single, readily accessible database
  • Explore this right solution for a budget-constrained environment

User Council Overview
CDR Matthew Swiergosz, MSC USN, User Council President, Office of Naval Research
(Balloting Information available at the DTIC Exhibit or by email:

The User Council serves as a liaison between DTIC and its user community, operating independently to provide feedback and advice to DTIC on the community's concerns. This overview of the User Council will provide insight on how the User Council expedites the flow of information between the user community and DTIC. Current User Council Members and 2012 nominees will also be introduced.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Gain awareness of the User Council's unique role in representing the DTIC user community
  • Meet the User Council Members who represent you and identify networking avenues to further share your user experience
Q&A and Wrap Up
Ms. Phyllis Bell, Director, User Services, DTIC

User Council Election Closes at 5:00pm

Old Town Alexandria Walking Tour followed by Dinner
Tuesday evening, March 27th hosted by the DC Chapter of SLA.
(Sign up at the DTIC Exhibit)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Registration for On-site Attendees
Meet & Greet DTIC Personnel
Logon checks for Defense Connect Online (DCO) Virtual Attendees

DTIC Information and Discovery, Collaboration and Innovation
Mr. Christopher E. Thomas,
Administrator, DTIC

The DTIC administrator will provide context for DTIC's varied activities. Many of these 21st century services multiply the advantages of the resources they showcase.


Plenary Session
DTIC Discovery Tools

Mr. Kapin Ferguson, STINET Information Management, DTIC

Join us for an overview of DTIC's S&T search products and how to access them. Attend this session to learn which tool is best for you, how DTIC is changing the search experience, and what we're doing to continually facilitate and control access.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Gain awareness of DTIC's search products
  • See a preview of the new search design
  • Learn how registering to access DTIC products is becoming even easier

MultiSearch: A Federated Approach
Ms. Phyllis Levine, STINET Information Management, DTIC
DTIC Online, DTIC Classified & DTIC Online Access Controlled (DOAC) Now and Future
Mr. Andrew Pedrick, Instructor, Current Awareness Team, DTIC
Enabling Discovery: The DTIC Registration Process
Ms. Twilla Miller, Customer Access Team, DTIC
Visit the DTIC Exhibit for your information needs.
Plenary Session
DTIC's Innovative Tools to Benefit the DoD Community
Ms. Helen Q. Sherman, Director, Component Information Support, DTIC

DTIC continues to develop and host innovative tools and resources to benefit the DoD community and further your mission, and this session will highlight some examples. Of special interest for the election year is the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) Web site which provides absentee voting information to military personnel and other U.S. citizens living overseas. Whenever a DoD Congressional Budget report is released, DTIC converts the data into a format for easier manipulation and posts both PDFs and Excel spreadsheets online for your timely access. DTIC's XML Exhibits tool for the Comptroller is indispensable during the budget cycle as it integrates, formats, and checks the Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) and Procurement Exhibits created by all DoD components, and the narrative information on RDT&E programs and Program Element (PE) Numbers becomes searchable online via DTIC's Research and Development Descriptive Summaries (RDDS). DTIC's recent release, the Unified Research and Engineering Database (URED), integrates three data calls for the Department and makes this valuable information accessible when you search Research in Progress on DTIC Online Access Controlled (DOAC). URED data will also be available via a new visual analysis and reporting tool in process at DTIC. This session will conclude with a preview of a special project in development that includes an easy, standardized submission system for creating Quad Charts and a search and retrieval system for managing them.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Meet some of DTIC's Program Managers who coordinate the development of Web sites and services based on specific requirements for DTIC customers
  • Acquire information about beneficial Web-based tools that will benefit you and your organization

  10:20-10:35 Federal Voting Assistance Program
Ms. Sandy Scroggs, Program Manager, DTIC
  Freedom of Information Reporting System
Ms. Geri Shane, Program Manager, DTIC
  DoD Issuances
Dr. Carl Randall, Program Manager, DTIC
  Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
Ms. Karen Calder, Program Manager, DTIC
  10:35-10:55 Comptroller XML Exhibits and R&D Descriptive Summaries
Mr. Andy Darby, Program Manager, DTIC
  RDT&E Budget Data, DoD Congressional Budget Data,
Congressional Budget Query Site, and Visual Analysis Tool

Mr. Paul Kemble, Program Manager, DTIC
Quad Charts
Mr. Angela Wilder, Program Manager, DTIC

Plenary Session
DTIC Update
Ms. Phyllis Bell, Director, User Services, DTIC

What has DTIC done since last we met? How have the products and services changed? What's in the works now and when will it be ready? Hear answers to these and other questions as DTIC's Director of User Services recaps a very busy year.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Learn about what's new and updated products now available
  • Hear about changes and how these will affect you
  • Get a good idea of the wide variety of services at DTIC
Lunch on your own in the cafeteria with DTIC Personnel

Special Session
Recollections of a Wounded Warrior
Capt. Alvin E. Shell  Jr., USA, Ret

Capt. Shell will share his personal story of recovery, perseverance and hope. Badly burned in Iraq with third degree burns over 33 percent of his body, he endured 30 surgeries over 18 months, was in a coma and not able to walk or talk for nearly 6 months. Hear how Capt. Shell, aided by hope, courage and the love of his family not only recovered from his wounds, but embarked on a successful career with the Department of Homeland Security.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • To pause in this technical program for a real world example of heroism
  • To gain a better understanding of the difficulty Wounded Warriors face when transitioning back to Civilian life

Plenary Session
Customer Support and Collaboration

Mr. Thomas Glad, Team Leader, Network Services, DTIC

A discussion of the collaboration tools available through DoDTechipedia and how DTIC has sought out opportunities to support the COCOMs including support to major exercises.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • Become familiar with DoDTechpspace and the STIPL Collaboration Process
  • Learn more about collaboration opportunities in DoDTechipedia

Supporting the Warfighter: DoDTechspace and the STIPL Collaboration Process
Ms. Michele Finley, Communications Team, DTIC
STIPL Research and COCOM Reachback
Ms. Christine Barrett, COCOM Support, DTIC
Collaboration in DoDTechipedia: Topical Reports
Ms. Shayna Liebler, DoDTechipedia Author, DTIC

Collaboration in DoDTechipedia: In The News
Ms. Diane Schnurrpusch, Reference and Retrieval Team, DTIC
Visit the DTIC Exhibit!

Plenary Session
The Secret Life of a Technical Report: Input to Output

Ms. Roberta Schoen,
Director, Operations, DTIC

DTIC's Technical Reports (TR) collection holds documents showing the results of DoD-funded Research, Development, and Acquisitions, plus those of interest to the DoD research community. On the input side, it will cover strategies for finding documents, their "life" once they get to DTIC, and problems delaying processing plus ways the contributor can help expedite intake. On the output side, the older document digitization process and examples potentially slowing that process.

Learning/Training Objectives:

  • See the challenges of obtaining Technical Reports and DTIC strategies for obtaining them
  • Illustrate the types of issues preventing documents from being quickly processed, and what you can do to avoid them
  • Learn about what happens behind the scenes when a document comes to DTIC
  • Get details on how to order digitization of legacy TRs and what happens behind the scenes

Collection Strategies & Challenges
Mr. Willis Smith, Chief, Information Collection Division, DTIC
Mr. Jack Rike, Team Leader, Information Collection Division, DTIC
Document Issues
Ms. Amy Tursky, Information Collection Division, DTIC
Ms. Monica Butteriss, Chief, Subject Analysis Division, DTIC
Mr. Paul Townsend, Chief, Document Management Division, DTIC

Plenary Session
DTIC & Social Media: Are We There Yet?
Ms. Sandy Schwalb, Public Affairs Officer, DTIC

DTIC is no stranger to social media. DoD social media policy implementation is on the move continually balancing security and access. Attend this session to hear about DTIC efforts including DTIC's own creation: DoDTechipedia. Locate the DTIC Facebook page and hear about an upcoming increase in activity.

Learning/Training Objectives:
  • Become familiar with DTIC's current social media efforts and future plans
  • See how your organization compares with DTIC's social media activities
  • Get a PAO (Public Affairs Officer) view of the social media arena

Plenary Session
Introduction of New User Council Members

CDR Matthew Swiergosz, MSC USN, User Council President, Office of Naval Research

The 2012 User Council Members will be introduced.

Plenary Session
Q&A and Wrap Up

User Council Meeting (open to all interested attendees)
CDR Matthew Swiergosz, MSC USN, User Council President, Office of Naval Research


Questions, issues or suggestions?
Please contact DTIC's Conference Coordinator at: 703.767-8236, DSN 427-8236 or email confinfo@dtic.mil.

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