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Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

After acceptance into the Pentagon Police Department (PPD), recruits are required to successfully complete a 10-week basic police training course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) centers in Brunswick, Georgia or Artesia Wells, New Mexico (same curriculum at both campuses).

Recruits are evaluated by FLETC Instructor during a scenario

FLETC offers basic police training, advance police training, agency-specific police training, state and local police training, and international police training. Under the direction of the U.S. Treasury Department, FLETC serves as the federal government’s leading provider of world-class law enforcement training. The institution has developed and implemented a wide variety of law enforcement curriculums that has helped revolutionize the law enforcement profession in this country. FLETC has continued to update its curriculum over the past 30 years by actively working with representatives from PFPA and other participating federal and state agencies by conducting curriculum reviews and hosting curriculum development conferences. FLETC has constructed several modern training facilities and installed state of the art Police Training equipment that allows FLETC to equip the law enforcement students with the best instruction and skills to safely and successfully perform their duties.

Physical training is a significant part of the FLETC curriculum. During the initiation of the training, students are administered a Physical Efficiency Battery Test (PEB). The PEB measures the student’s stamina, strength, flexibility and agility. Students are tested and timed for performance in a 1.5-mile run. They perform a series of other tests, which include the flexibility test, bench press, and an agility sprint.