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Call For The Tactical Option

The Pentagon has it’s own full time police department ready to take action when the need arises. When citizens need help they call the police, when the police need help they call the Emergency Response Team (ERT). The Pentagon houses an estimated 35,000 employees. If connected, the hallways within the Pentagon would span about 18.5 miles. The Pentagon features several roadways, parking lots, a daycare center, a massive subway and bus terminal, several stores and businesses in and around the property. Police related emergencies that require specialized tactical know how often arise. That’s when the Pentagon Police Department’s (PPD) is called in to action.

The highly trained "Men in Black", or the "Ninjas" as they are sometimes called, make up the ERT. The PPD ERT is a section operated under the Special Operation Division (SOD) and is broken down into tactical response teams with surveillance and medical units. Each team member is trained in entry techniques, hostage rescue, dignitary protection, and certified in the use of diversionary devices, less-than lethal munitions and other crowd dispersing techniques.

Team Cobra

New team members are trained at various notable tactical schools. Among them are H&K International, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, DC Metropolitan SWAT school, and the US Park Police SWAT school. Regular training includes conventional and special weapons, defensive tactics, building entries, officer rescue, chemical/biological, and physical fitness.

Recognizing that there will always be certain high-risk situations that require special attention by well-trained police officers, the Pentagon Police Department’s Emergency Response Team continues to strive for excellence and dedication to serve the citizens of the Pentagon.