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The mission of the PFPA Criminal Investigation and Internal Affairs Division (CI/IAD) is to investigate criminal acts occurring within the Pentagon and certain other designated DoD buildings, both U.S. Government owned and leased located within the National Capitol Region (NCR). The CI/IAD is the investigative arm of PFPA and as such, is responsible to respond to and investigate mainly felony offenses committed in the mentioned area of responsibility.

PFPA CI/IAD personnel are series 1811 (Criminal Investigators). They are highly trained in the full spectrum of criminal investigation matters, including forensic topics such as crime scene processing, interview/interrogation, crime scene photography, and surveillance, among others. The Investigators routinely receive highly specialized and the most up-to-date forensic and interview/interrogation training, usually conducted at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and from military, state, and local courses.

PFPA Criminal Investigators are responsible for investigating violations of Title 18 United States Code, Title 21 United States Code as it pertains to Drug Enforcement, Code of Federal Regulations 32, Section 40b as it pertains to conduct on the Pentagon reservation, and Code of Federal Regulations 41 as it pertains to conduct in locations under the purview of the Department of Defense. Investigators are also required to have a working knowledge of the Criminal Code of the State of Virginia, the Criminal Code of the State of Maryland, and the Criminal Code of the District of Columbia since their investigations may require Investigators to obtain arrest and/or search and seizure warrants in those jurisdictions. Likewise a close working relationship with the U.S. Attorney's office and/or state and local prosecutors is required in order to prepare investigative reports, testify before grand juries, in Federal, military, state or local court in order to achieve a successful prosecution.

The PFPA CI/IAD routinely work closely with most all federal, military, state and local law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the United States Secret Service, the Department of Defense and Military Service Investigative activities. The Internal Affairs section investigates allegations within PFPA of criminal and administrative nature involving PFPA members.