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Scientists at JPAC, AFDIL and LSEL employ cutting edge technology in their laboratory work to identify remains recovered during field operations.

Family Outreach

U.S. government specialists update families of MIAs on a monthly basis on the work being done to resolve their cases. Through these Family Updates and the two Annual Government Briefings held in Washington for Vietnam War and Korean War families, we have reached approximately 15,000 family members through face-to-face contact.

Field Operations

Investigations and recovery missions in the field, led by the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, uncover the clues sought by the analysts and scientists to bring cases to resolution. If the field excavations are successful and recover remains, they are returned with honor to JPAC's Central Identification Laboratory on Hickam AFB, Hawaii.


Negotiations with foreign nations are necessary to establish schedules for investigations and excavations and to discuss logistical arrangements for long-term planning.

Field Visits

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, as the senior DoD official responsible for achieving the fullest possible accounting of the missing, meets periodically with officials of the nations which host our field operations. He also visits the U.S. troops in the field who endure demanding schedules and other hazards to bring home missing U.S. servicemembers, with honor.