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mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) Donors

Am I an eligible donor of mitochondrial DNA?

Many DoD groups external to DPMO play critical roles in achieving the fullest possible accounting. They bring together many different specialties and perform the majority of our fieldwork.

Possible Donors of mtDNA Samples

MtDNA sequencing provides additional scientific detail to lend support for remains identification . MtDNA is a molecule found in the composition of the cell transferred by the mother to her offspring. A family reference database that includes an mtDNA sample for each of the unaccounted-for servicemen enables comparisons between remains to help isolate investigative leads in support of the identification process. Families should provide a blood sample to help establish a comprehensive family database. To provide a blood sample, families should contact the appropriate service casualty office for details.

This chart will help to identify possible maternal donors:
This chart shows the required family relationship required.
Has your family provided a sample?