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General (Ret.) Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong visits DPMO

On Nov. 27, members of the DPMO team had the opportunity to host General (Ret.) Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong, the Chairman of the U.S. Side of the U.S.-Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIA (USRJC). Gen Foglesong and DASD Winfield are working together to shape the way ahead for USRJC and DPMO support to it. They discussed the DoD draft inputs for a National Security Staff Charter for the U.S. Side of the USRJC, and agreed on the way ahead. They also discussed the plan to establish a strategy that will determine the Joint Commission Support Directorate's (JCSD) overall direction and measures of effectiveness. This week's meeting was one of the first steps toward re-building our relationship and developing this strategy. Following the meeting, Gen Foglesong took advantage of his time in Washington, D.C. to meet with several USRJC Commissioners.

Personnel Recovery Coordination Across the U.S. Government

On Nov. 28, members of the POW/Missing Personnel Affairs, Personnel Recovery Policy team participated in the latest National Security Staff-Hostage Personnel Recovery Working Group (HPRWG). The goal of this meeting was to inform members of interagency efforts, and discuss the strategic way ahead for personnel recovery. The FBI Office of Victims Assistance briefed their family support program for captives and their families. This is the equivalent of the DoD reintegration program that works with DoD covered personnel and their families. In addition, representative from the State Department briefed the various authorities, responsibilities and capabilities that are available in a host nation environment, under Chief of Mission led personnel recovery situations. The HPRWG will meet again in three weeks to analyze current hostage/personnel recovery cases and identify "Whole of Government" implementation challenges.

Secretary Panetta Speaks on Commitment to Accounting Mission

On Nov. 28, the Secretary of Defense spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Education Center at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. He reiterated the Nation's commitment to accounting for the missing by saying, ". in Hanoi, I met with Department of Defense officials who were there working diligently in Hanoi to locate the remains of service members missing in action in that country and throughout the region. It is our sacred duty to leave no one behind." To read the entire speech, click here.

World War II Research

On Nov. 8-21, a researcher from DPMO and two from JPAC traveled to Berlin, to conduct research at several archives. The team followed-up on archival leads from the prior JPAC research trip in March 2012, went to the German Foreign Office Archive and met with several key contacts. The trip was successful in finding documents that further the accounting mission and forged a close working relationship with the staffs of several archives .

Vietnam Research

On Dec. 10-14, analysts from the Vietnam War sections of DPMO, JPAC, LSEL and DIA's Stony Beach met at JPAC for at the semi-annual coordination conference to discuss details of cases. During the meeting they came up with new next-step leads on over 500 cases.



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