JP 3-40, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, 31 October 2014
This publication provides guidance and the basis for the planning and execution of military activities to counter weapons of mass destruction.

JP 3-0 Podcast, November 2014
This podcast introduces Joint Operations as an Instrument of National Power, and as part of Unified Action. It outlines the Art of Command for joint force commanders, and describes the joint functions of Command and Control, Intelligence, Fires, Movement and Maneuver, Protection, and Sustainment.

JP 3-26, Counterterrorism, 24 October 2014
This publication provides joint doctrine for planning, executing, and assessing counterterrorism operations across the range of military operations.

JP 3-12(R), Cyberspace Operations, 05 February 2013
This publication provides joint doctrine for the planning, preparation, execution, and assessment of joint cyberspace operations across the range of military operations.

Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 75, October 2014
JFQ is the Chairman's joint military and security studies journal designed to inform and educate national security professionals on joint and integrated operations; whole of government contributions to national security policy and strategy; homeland security; and developments in training and joint military education to better equip America's military and security apparatus to meet tomorrow's challenges while protecting freedom today.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Joint Force 2020 White Paper, June 2014
This white paper provides the Chairman's vision for how we must shape, grow, and integrate our ISR capabilities to remain effective and relevant in future operating environments.

Joint Logistics course launched, September 2014
The JP 4-0 course outlines how the joint logistics enterprise is used to project and sustain a logistically ready joint force by leveraging DOD, interagency, nongovernmental agencies, multinational, and industrial resources. The core logistic functions are presented as a framework to facilitate integrated decision making, enable effective synchronization and allocation of resources, and optimize joint logistic processes.

JP 1 Podcast, September 2014
The new JP 1 Podcast outlines taxonomies relating to war, warfare, campaign, and operation, as well as policy, strategy, doctrine, and concepts. It also adds Capstone-level discussions of joint concepts and assessment, and introduces the principles of joint force development.

Unity of Effort Framework Solution Guide
The Unity of Effort Framework Solution Guide provides instructions for the application of the Framework procedures, templates, and definitions to aid interagency planners in improving unity of effort for complex problems that require coordination of effort across agencies and departments.

JP 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms,
15 August 2014

This publication sets forth standard US military and associated terminology to encompass the joint activity of the Armed Forces of the United States. These military and associated terms, together with their definitions, constitute approved Department of Defense (DOD) terminology for general use by all DOD components.