Personnel, Series 1-0 Publications, PDFs
JP 1-0, Joint Personnel Support, 31 May 2016
This publication is the keystone document of the personnel series. It provides doctrine to plan, coordinate, provide, and assess manpower and personnel support to joint operations.

JP 1-04, Legal Support to Military Operations,17 August 2011
This publication provides joint doctrine and information for the planning, preparation, and execution of legal support to joint military operations.

JP 1-05, Religious Affairs in Joint Operations, 20 November 2013
This publication provides doctrine for religious affairs in joint operations. It also
provides information on the chaplain’s roles as the principal advisor to the joint force
commander on religious affairs and a key advisor on the impact of religion on
military operations. It further provides information on the chaplain’s role of delivering
and facilitating religious ministries in joint operations.

JP 1-06, Financial Management Support in Joint Operations, 11 January 2016
This publication provides doctrine for financial management in support of joint operations.