DOCNET Course Special Operations New!
This course describes special operations and general guidance to employ and execute command and control of special operations forces and concepts, principles, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and key participants involved.

Joint Operating Environment 2035, 14 July 2016 New!
The Joint Operating Environment 2035 (JOE 2035) is designed to encourage the purposeful preparation of the Joint Force to effectively protect the United States, its interests, and its allies in 2035.

JDN 1-16, Command Red Team, 16 May 2016
This joint doctrine note (JDN) provides guidance for the employment of a command red team on joint planning, analysis, and decision making, and on how to optimize the integration of red teams into joint functions and operations.

JP 1-0, Joint Personnel Support, 31 May 2016
This publication is the keystone document of the personnel series. It provides doctrine to plan, coordinate, provide, and assess manpower and personnel support to joint operations.

Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 81, April 2016
JFQ is the Chairman's flagship joint military and security studies journal designed to inform members of the U.S. Armed Forces, allies, and other partners on joint and integrated operations; national security policy and strategy; efforts to combat terrorism; homeland security; and developments in training and joint professional military education to transform America's military and security apparatus to meet tomorrow's challenges better while protecting freedom today.