Unity of Effort Framework
Unified Action Handbooks
Joint and Coalition Warfighting Center Pamphlets

Part of the “Joint Doctrine Series” of pamphlets produced by the Joint and Coalition Warfighting Center, these documents are intended to facilitate changes to joint doctrine based on the good ideas and other results that emerge from the Joint Concept Development and Experimentation (JCDE) Program and related joint experiments.

J7/J9 Pamphlet, Executive Summary of the Unified Action Handbook Series, 27 January 2010
JWFC Pamphlet, US Government - Draft Planning Framework for Reconstruction, Stabilization, and Conflict Transformation, 1 December 2005

Joint and Coalition Warfighting Center Handbooks
Joint and Coalition Warfighting Center White Papers

Pre-doctrinal research white papers intended to promote doctrinal change based on sound concepts, emerging best practices, and joint operational experience. These papers do not represent approved joint doctrine, but rather report on the analysis of a specific topic, informing the doctrine development process.

None currently available.