DOCNET Mission
Promoting understanding, training, and education in the joint doctrine of the Armed Forces of the United States
JP 3-60 Joint Targeting course, December 2014
This course introduces targets and targeting within the context of joint operational planning, provides an overview of the joint targeting cycle, and outlines joint force targeting duties and responsibilities.

JP 2-0 Podcast, December 2014
This podcast outlines the principles of joint intelligence and provides an overview of intelligence organizations and responsibilities to include intelligence support to planning, executing, and assessing joint operations.

JP 3-0 Podcast, November 2014
This podcast introduces Joint Operations as an Instrument of National Power, and as part of Unified Action. It outlines the Art of Command for joint force commanders, and describes the joint functions of Command and Control, Intelligence, Fires, Movement and Maneuver, Protection, and Sustainment.

Joint Logistics course launched, September 2014
The JP 4-0 course outlines how the joint logistics enterprise is used to project and sustain a logistically ready joint force by leveraging DOD, interagency, nongovernmental agencies, multinational, and industrial resources. The core logistic functions are presented as a framework to facilitate integrated decision making, enable effective synchronization and allocation of resources, and optimize joint logistic processes.

JP 1 Podcast, September 2014
The new JP 1 Podcast outlines taxonomies relating to war, warfare, campaign, and operation, as well as policy, strategy, doctrine, and concepts. It also adds Capstone-level discussions of joint concepts and assessment, and introduces the principles of joint force development.

Joint Intelligence course launched, August 2014
A new DOCNET course, drawn from JP 2-0, Joint Intelligence, is now available. The purpose of this course is to provide a general understanding of the management and integration of intelligence into military operations.

Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States, October 2013
A new DOCNET course, drawn from JP 1, is now available. This course is designed to introduce military professionals to doctrine for unifed action by the Armed Forces of the United States.

Stability Operations, October 2013
A new DOCNET course, drawn from JP 3-07, is now available. This course is designed to provide the military professional with knowldege of key doctrinal concepts related to Stability Operations.