DOCNET Mission
Promoting understanding, training, and education in the joint doctrine of the Armed Forces of the United States
Joint Doctrine Orientation, December 2016 New!
Joint Doctrine Orientation is a series of linked courses that provides introduction to and training on joint doctrine development. The menu of courses is displayed when the course is launched.

Security Force Assistance Planner's Course, December 2016 New!
The Security Force Assistance Planner's Course introduces you to information from the Security Force Assistance Planner's Guide. The guide was designed to assist planners at all levels who plan security force assistance activities.

Noncombatant Evacuation Operations, October 2016 New!
This course provides doctrine to plan and conduct joint noncombatant evacuation and repatriation operations.

Special Operations, July 2016
This course describes special operations and general guidance to employ and execute command and control of special operations forces and concepts, principles, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and key participants involved.

Close Air Support, May 2016
This course presents an overview of close air support (CAS); key steps, roles, and responsibilities related to planning and executing of CAS; various coordination measures used in planning and conduct of CAS.