JP 3-13.4, Military Deception, 14 February 2017 - Available through JEL+ New!

DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, February 2017 New!
This publication supplements standard English-language dictionaries and standardizes military and associated terminology to improve communication and mutual understanding within DOD with other US Government departments and agencies and among the United States and its allies.

JP 3-15, Barriers, Obstacles, and Mine Warfare for Joint Operations, 06 September 2016 New!
This publication provides guidance to plan and execute barrier, obstacle, and mine warfare for joint operations.

JP 3-0, Joint Operations, 17 January 2017 New!
This keystone publication forms the core of joint warfighting doctrine and establishes the framework for our forces' ability to fight as a joint team.

DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 15 December 2016
This publication sets forth standard US military and associated terminology to encompass the joint activity of the Armed Forces of the United States.

JP 3-25, Countering Threat Networks, 21 December 2016
This publication provides joint doctrine for joint force commanders and their staffs to plan, execute, and assess operations to identify, neutralize, disrupt, or destroy threat networks.

Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ), Issue #83
JFQ is the Chairman's flagship joint military and security studies journal.

The Chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1949-2016
This revised fifth edition examines the development of the chairmanship as an institution over the last sixty-seven years. It presents an expanded historical essay and four additional career biographies, with associated updates to the supplementary sections and appendices.

Joint Doctrine Orientation DOCNET Course Launched, December 2016
Joint Doctrine Orientation is a series of linked courses that provides introduction to and training on joint doctrine development. The menu of courses is displayed when the course is launched.