ADA0332322014-09-26T17:34:11ZActiveUnclassifiedARMED FORCES RADIOBIOLOGY RESEARCH INST BETHESDA MDSiegel,B A Engel,W K Derrer,E C Localization of 99m sub T c Diphosphonate in Acutely Injured Muscle: Relationship to Muscle Calcium Deposition.UnclassifiedAug 19762809.60AFRRI-SR76-45UnclassifiedAPPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASEUnclassifiedUnclassifiedUnclassified00120347002406DOD AGENCIESDTIC AND NTIS06 Mar 2002In rats with experimental ischemic myopathy there was a significant correlation (r=0.778, p0.001) between muscle uptake of TC(99m) diphosphonate (EHDP) and tissue calcium concentration. In addition, the accumulation of both calcium and Tc(99m) EHDP in acutely injured muscles was further increased in rats with vitamin D-induced hypercalcemia. Results suggest that the uptake of 99mTc EHDP in acutely damaged skeletal muscle is directly related to the deposition of calcium salts within the injured muscle fibers.*CALCIUM*MUSCLES*RADIOPHARMACEUTICALSPOTASSIUMHISTOLOGYTRACER STUDIESBIOLOGICAL STAINSMedicine and Medical Research*Tc-99 diphosphonateTc 99m diagnostic agentsScientific rept.,12 MB