Accession Number : ADA018665

Title :   Polarographic Measurement of Local Cerebral Blood Flow in the Conscious and Anesthetized Primate.

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Personal Author(s) : Fein,J. M. ; Willis,J. A. ; Hamilton,J. R. ; Parkhurst,L. J.

Report Date : AUG 1975

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Abstract : This study was undertaken to evaluate the brain hemodynamics of the primate Macaca mulatta in the conscious and anesthetized state. A polarographic circuit was utilized for repetitive measurements of local and average total cerebral blood flow in the conscious state, during analgesia-paralysis and in the anesthetized state. The electrochemical considerations and in vitro testing are described. Blood flow values were highest in sensory and motor cortex (92.5 + or - 3.5 and 86.2 + or - 2.6 ml/100 g per min), while there were no significant differences found between other regions of association cortex. Mean deep grey matter blood flow values ranged between 57.6 + or - 3.8 and 69.2 + or - 3.4 ml/100 g per min. The mean local blood flow for the centrum semiovale was found to be 19.5 + or - 1.2 ml/100 g per min and that for pontine tegmentum was 58.1 + or - 3.5 ml/100 g per min. At any one electrode locus, at steady-state levels of arterial blood gases, the reproducibility of blood flow ranged between 11-18 percent. Seventy-five percent nitrous oxide-25 percent oxygen in combination with a paralytic agent produced a questionably significant drop in caudate nucleus blood flow. The depressant effects of anesthetic doses of sodium pentobarbital on cerebral blood flow, however, were significant at most electrode sites. These data indicate that the measured blood flow rates within small brain volumes are critically affected by barbiturate anesthesia and seriously question the value of published reports in which these agents were utilized. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Blood flow, *Brain, Macaca mulatta, Cerebrovascular system, In vitro analysis, Polarographic analysis, Rare gases, Barbiturates, Primates, Cerebral cortex


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