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Corporate Source Search

Last Update: October 27, 2003

The Corporate Source is static since October 2003.
A current updated version of the Corporate Source is
searchable on Private STINET. More information on Private STINET is available at: http://stinet.dtic.mil/info/s-stinet.html

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) maintains a Corporate Source Authority System which lists all organizations who have contributed information to any of DTIC's three major databases: the Technical Reports Bibliographic Database, the Research Summaries Database and the Independent Research and Development Database. Each organization is assigned a 6 digit "source code". The code is used when searching in any of these three databases, via DTIC's Defense RDT&E Online System (DROLS), for information authored or sponsored by these organizations.

From this page you may search this corporate source listing to determine the following: which organizations have contributed information to DTIC, their source code, address, user type and geopolitical code. The geopolitical code consists of a 2 digit state code and a 2 digit congressional district code for organizations located within the United States or a 2 digit country code for organizations located outside the United States. These codes can be used to identify all corporate sources from a specific geographical area. The complete Corporate Source data file is also available for download.

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Enter the information you wish to search on in either one or several of the following fields. Help is provided for searching each field.

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To browse a list of corporate names that all begin with the same letter(s), enter the letters in the box below. For example: Hug will retrieve a list of all names that begin with Hug such as Huggins, Hughes and Hughson.


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