11 December 1995

SUBJECT: Cold Weather Equipment for Bosnia

1. Purpose. To provide information on cold weather equipment for duty in Bosnia.

2. Facts.

a. Units deploying to Bosnia have the most current cold weather equipment available. Moreover, Soldier Systems Command (SSCOM) and DPSC have filled numerous USAREUR requests for cold weather equipment to supplement/sustain on-hand inventories. Approximately 28,000 Intermediate Cold Wet Boots (ICWB) were shipped to USAREUR in late Nov 95.

b. The Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) is a layered system consisting of Goretex parka with hood, trousers, face mask (balaclava), polypropylene undergarments, fiberpile shirt, overalls and liner. The system was successfully tested in Alaska down to -60 degrees fahrenheit.

c. The Intermediate Cold Wet Glove (ICWG) and Intermediate Cold Wet Boot (ICWB) are leather items with state of the art insulation for warmth (Thermalite) and water proofness (Goretex).

d. Sustainment quantities of above items have been issued to USAREUR for the past month in anticipation of deployment to Bosnia. Moreover, the issue also included extreme cold weather sleeping bags, extreme cold weather boots and mitten inserts.

LTC Tucker/DAMO-FDD/697-0935