Proposed tax relief announced for Joint Endeavor soldiers, (Feb. 28)

WASHINGTON (Army News Service) -- Special tax relief for soldiers and civilians enforcing and supporting the Dayton Peace Agreement was proposed in a statement by Secretary of Defense William J. Perry Feb. 26.

Perry and Secretary of the Treasury Robert E. Rubin announced a bill allowing favorable tax treatment for Department of Defense personnel serving in and around the former Republic of Yugoslavia.

The legislation is slated to be sent to Congress this week.

In his statement, Perry said, "This proposal demonstrates the Clinton Administration's deep appreciation for the hardships endured by the men and women who are enforcing the Dayton Peace Agreement. This proposal is one more way the Administration is showing its commitment to the well being of our troops serving in Joint Endeavor.

"Service members in the `Joint Endeavor Area of Operations,' about 25,000 of them, would obtain the same kind of tax treatment as our service members did in Operation Desert Storm. These individuals would receive all of the combat zone tax benefits of the Internal Revenue Code, such as an exclusion of military pay for federal income tax purposes, for the period of time designated by the Executive Order.

"Other tax benefits would also be available for these individuals, as well as DoD civilian personnel and deployed service members supporting the mission outside of imminent danger pay areas. These benefits include additional time to file returns upon return from the operation, and waivers of interest and penalties on amounts owed."

(From a DoD news release.)