Subject: Bosnia policy exception lets family members eat at mess hall
Date: Wednesday, January 31, 1996 11:08AM

Bosnia policy exception lets family members eat at discounted dining facility rates (Jan. 31)

WASHINGTON (Army News Service) -- Family members of soldiers deployed to Bosnia will receive discounted meal rates at installation dining facilities when participating in weekly, command-sponored meals, the Department of Defense announced recently.

According to a memorandum from John J. Hamre, undersecretary of defense for comptroller, the DoD exception to the food fee policy for family members is similar to previous programs established for service members during deployments. This exception to policy will last through the duration of the Bosnian operation.

Family members will pay a discounted meal rate that includes the cost of food, but excludes most -- but not all -- operating expenses that are recovered in the current rates, Hamre wrote. Depending on the meal being served, the following amounts should be charged for each applicable family member: breakfast - $1.25; lunch- $2.50; Brunch - $3.00; Supper - $3.50; and holiday - $4.00.

Family members of enlisted troops in the grades of E-1 to E-4, by statue, are charged lower rates when eatingi n appropriated fund dining facilities. Those rates are: breakfast - $1.00; lunch - $2.00; dinner - $2.00; Brunch - $2.25; supper -$2.75; and holiday - $3.25.