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Last Updated:
January 2011

Strategic Environmental Research & Development Program


Harness the latest science and technology to develop innovative, cost effective, and sustainable solutions to improve DoD’s environmental performance, reduce operating costs, and enhance mission capabilities.


Through demonstration projects aimed at reducing energy use, fuel costs, and emissions on fixed installations in the United States, move a broad array of technologies off the drawing board and into widespread use in the military’s enormous infrastructure, a key step towards proliferation in the commercial marketplace. Improve DoD mission readiness and lower costs by addressing DoD’s highest priority environmental requirements executed through collaboration between DOE, EPA and ESTCP (a DUSD(I&E) program). Drastically reduce current and future environmental liabilities and develop sustainable ranges and facilities.

Specific Activities

  • Reduce hazardous materials to reduce life cycle costs.
  • Direct an integrated , requirements-driven, basic research through prototype program (BA 1 to BA 3) to address these issues through four focus areas: Environmental Restoration, Sustainable Infrastructure, Munitions Management, and Weapon Systems and Platforms.
  • Select performers through rigorous competition.
  • Create confidence in new technologies through demonstration.
  • Balance Investment in government, industry and university laboratories



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