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The vision of the HSCB program is to remain DoD’s flagship socio-cultural modeling program dedicated to working with our partners to develop, transition, and apply technologies, tools, and methods to allow US forces to more effectively understand and interact with the socio-cultural environment so that they have the requisite technologies, tools, and methods for understanding, interacting with, and shaping the human socio-cultural behavioral environment. Working with academia, industry, and government partners, HSCB will cultivate an applied science base in socio-cultural modeling and cross-cultural training; develop computational social science models and training platforms; instantiate models and training systems into software applications; and transition validated, sustainable technologies to programs of record.


Working with government partners to issue BAAs and resulting awards to conduct applied research, mature and demonstrate that research, and then transition the results of select research to select programs of record.

Working with the warfighter and combat developers to facilitate the development of documented requirements in the socio-cultural modeling domain.

Working with transition partners to transition select HSCB technology that meets the needs of the warfighter and are sustained within programs of record.