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Last Updated:
January 2011

Human Systems Research & Engineering


Maximize warfighter performance through strategic investments in Human Systems Integration science and technology (S&T) solutions.


Develop true synchronization between hardware, software, and human elements of warfighter systems leading to optimized performance across DoD while minimizing harm and cost to the human component. This is achieved through strategic investments in key S&T that enables effective and efficient mission performance, training, and warfighter selection as well as affordable and effective equipment to support and conduct military operations.

Specific Activities

  • Monitors planning and programming to facilitate applicable insertion into acquisition program.
  • Provides oversight of personnel selection, training, and leadership.
  • Maintains purview of efforts in cognitive sciences, interface design, personnel protection, combat feeding, optimization of human systems integration, and human performance.
  • Participates in interagency/cross-service human systems community of interest forums.
  • DoD Human Factors Engineering Technical Advisory Group (HFE TAG)
  • National Science & Technology Council
  • Social, Behavioral & Economic Subcommittee
  • Human Factors Subcommittee
  • Defense Language Program & Defense Language Action Panel (DLAP)
  • OSD Irregular Warfare Modeling and Simulation Senior Coordination Group
  • The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP)
  • Identifies Human Systems S&T requirements, technology opportunities, and deficiencies/gaps.
  • Supports OSD Small Business Innovation Research program execution and management.



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